It’s Honeysuckle Time in Braemar

It’s a wonderful thing when the honeysuckles are in bloom in Bristow, VA’s community of Braemar. Makes me wish my blog had the ability to convey a scent. Insert a scent instead of a picture or a film clip. Think of the emotion you could convey.

There’s nothing like the sweet fragrance wafting in the window of your car as your drive down Tartan Hills Parkway in Braemar. With the abundance of tree save areas in the community, giving rise to so many shrubs, the scent of honeysuckles is ever present in Braemar this time of year.

In fact, one of the things that attacted my husband and I to living in Braemar was the tree save areas. The community, while having newer homes, and still delivering new construction at the time, had the feel of being a more established community with all the mature trees around. So many developments ripped the mature trees out to start from scratch. Definitely not the case in Braemar.

Whether you’re driving down Braemar Parkway, or Tartan Hills Parkway, there is a wide median separating opposite directions of traffic with mature trees, and whatever shrubs grow there naturally. Some areas are more sculpted with mulch beds and flowers alongside those trees, giving a nice flash of color to the greenery.

Driving down those parkways is also where the scent of honeysuckles is strongest.  So when you’re heading into Braemar on Braemar Parkway or Tartan Hills Parkway, roll down the windows and take a deep breath. That sweet smell with instantly relax you as it welcomes you home.

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