Braemar Residents: Be Careful Which RCN Bill You Pay

Braemar residents off of Sudley Manor Drive, and the entire community of Dunbarton, have been undergoing a change of the guard in their cable and internet provider.  RCN has taken over Gatehouse Networks community contract and has been getting home owners on board since mid-July. 

Because the transition was some groups of home owners at a time, RCN took over billing for Gatehouse.  And as one of the home owners who has had RCN as a provider since mid-July, I will tell you, I’m now receiving two cable bills.  Both are from RCN, but one is black and white, one is in color.

The black and white bill is the bill you would normally receive from Gatehouse.  If you are up and running with RCN, do not pay the black and white bill anymore.  If you do, the money goes to Gatehouse and RCN has no record of the payment.

Likewise, if you have online bill payment, like me, make sure to update the new billing address for RCN shown on the color bill.  Again, if you don’t, the money is going to Gatehouse and your next color RCN bill will show a missed payment. 

RCN personnel have been very cooperative during this serivce and billing transition.  If you have any questions, or unresolved billing issues, make sure to call RCN.  The number on either the black and white, or color bill will connect you to them.

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