Stopping Unwanted Mailbox Solicitation in Braemar

Seems that the endless parade of vendors that are stuffing ads into the newspaper slots of Braemar mailboxes, are unaware that there is No Solicitation in our community.  Yes, you can call the police when these serial offenders put something in the slot beneath your mailbox, but it never seems to deter any of them.

Meeting solicitators face to face and explaining that you COULD call the police on them if they didn’t leave the neighborhood is more effective.

What’s more effective than that is blocking the slot beneath your mailbox so that no one can use for solicitations. 

Since doing this to the slot beneath our mailbox, our lives have been free of the endless offers for decks, patios, painting and other interior finishes, handyman services, cleaning ladies, daycare and more.  Walking to the mailbox is only about getting the mail, and no longer about finding this unwanted trash in the slot below.

Just a thought for those of you in Braemar who are also sick of the neverending stream of unwanted ads in the slot beneath your Braemar mailbox.

For more information on maintaining your Braemar mailbox, click the link provided.

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