Braemar’s 2010 Holiday Party was Great Fun!

Braemar’s 2010 Holiday Party was great fun.  Residents began arriving to the Braemar Clubhouse around 6pm.  The festivities (pictures with Santa and Hayrides) weren’t supposed to start until 6:30pm, but we had the refreshments and craft table set up so while waiting for Santa to arrive, some little ones began their holiday crafts while parents enjoyed refreshments and waited.

Santa was a tad late to the party, but didn’t seem to upset anyone.  Who is going to really be mad if Santa is late as long as he shows up, right?  He got to see all the kids and give them a small gift.  Meanwhile, the horse-drawn hayrides were in full swing.  And what beautiful horses they were–Clydesdales.  The jingling bells on their necks and the snow dusted ground around them could not evoke a more holiday-like spirit.





The craft table (my designated area) was a hit.  The kids liked their foam snowflake ornament with peel and stick foam accessories.  Some snowflake ornaments left bejeweled in Santas and presents while other left adorned with Christmas trees and glittery tree ornaments.

By the end of the party at 8:30pm. alll the residents that wanted a hayride or refreshments had enjoyed them.  And I was pleased that while working the event, I got to have my picture taken with Santa and my Braemar Activities Committee partner-in-crime, Pam Stangler.   What a great community event.

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