Keep Prince William County, VA Property Taxes Low Through Recycling

Keep Prince William County, VA Property Taxes Low Through Recycling

If you live in Prince William County, Virginia then you probably already know that we have our own landfill right off of Dumfries Road in Manassas.  Because we don’t have to pay to ship off our solid waste, our property taxes are not as high as they could be.

In a recent publication distributed to each and every household in Prince William County, VA it was hypothesized that at our current rate of use, that landfill will be out of commission in the next forty years.  Of course, residents of Prince William County may not realize it, but the answer to prolonging the useful life of our own landfill is within each of our grasp.  The answer is to step up your recycling efforts.

If your household isn’t recycling–START! 

If your household is recycling, then recycle everything you possibly can.  In my house, for instance, those leftover paper towel and toilet paper tubes are put in with cardboard recycling.  Shredded paper is recycled.  Every soda can, every piece of plastic, every piece of recyclable ANYTHING is put into our recycle bin. 

Recycle to your fullest potential and you can keep our Prince William County property taxes low for decades to come.  And if you live in a community that doesn’t offer recycling by curbside pickup, you can learn more about how you can partake in recycling by clicking this link to the County’s website.

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