Braemar’s Wildlife Still Includes Fox

In a neighborhood of over twenty-eight hundred homes, it is still surprising to me how much wildlife there is in Braemar.   Earlier this week I had a jolt when I saw a coyote shortcut through my backyard and into the wooded area directly beside it.  Today, with morning coffee in hand, I watched a fox bounce happily up and down as he trotted alongside the wood line with a rodent of some sort in it’s mouth. 

When my husband and I first moved to Braemar in December 2004, we saw a fox on our front lawn and I was mesmerized.  I’d never seen a fox in person, let alone on my front yard.  Within six months, there were no more fox to be seen.  Perhaps the new construction in Merrimont Trace has them scrambling back to the woods of Braemar.

Yesterday’s morning coffee was a different wildlife show.  A group of deer were hopping out of the cul-de-sac and onto my front yard.  I see the deer a lot because they live in the woods beside my home, but seeing them never gets old.

Maybe soon, I’ll sneak a peek at the owl that hoots outside my family room at night.

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