Part of Being a Braemar Real Estate Expert is Being Well Versed in Dunbarton

Part of Being a Braemar Real Estate Expert is Being Well Versed in Dunbarton

Dubnarton is the Active Adult Section of Braemar

Usually when I am called to duty as a Top Braemar Real Estate Agent, it is because a seller or buyer has found me online, seen an ad, or a yard sign with my information.  I’ve been at this since 2005.  You know my tag line, “No One Knows Braemar Better!”  I take that seriously.  And part of knowing Braemar the best is knowing about the Active Adult section of our neighborhood–Dunbarton.

There I was, minding my own business in our Long & Foster Gainesville office when the phone rang on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Being one of two agents in the office, the other on the phone, I diverted my attention from my Braemar Property Value Reports to answer.  On the other end of the phone with a man wanting information on a foreclosure listed in Dunbarton, but unwilling to give me any information about himself.  We struck a deal.  I would spend a few minutes tracking down the information on that home and he would call me back for the scoop.  Having been a journalism major in college, getting to the bottom of something is one of the skills I learned early and it serves me well as a Braemar Real Estate Agent.

When the buyer called me back, I told him what I had found and it wasn’t good.  The proposition to buy the foreclosure was a bad deal.  I had inside information on the condition and the situation.  This guy wanted no part of it.  So I asked him what he wanted.  He wanted a small villa style home in an Active Adult community. He had lived in Dunbarton and wanted to live there again.  We struck a deal.  He wasn’t hiring me that minute and that was fine.  But he agreed to think about it if I came back with a home for him to buy.

12921 Fetlar Way is the latest home to be part of my Braemar sales

Within days, I was on the phone with the buyer.  I had uncovered two coming soon listings in Dunbarton.  The first one I was able to get in to see sounded like his dream come true.  Since he was out of the state, there was some going over floor plans via email and phone, determining if this might be a fit.  When we determined it was exactly what he was looking for, he sent his daughter to take a look on his behalf.  The day his daughter saw it and reported back to him, he hired me to represent him buy it.


The home in question was 12921 Fetlar Way.  It home had been remodeled.  I had toured it with another buyer a few years earlier when IT had been a foreclosure.  Since then, it had engineered hardwood floors, new appliances and a new roof.  It was really well maintained and listed for $350,000.  It was a steal at that price.

This buyer was thrilled to view the home when he came into town with his wife.  This was exactly what he wanted.  And today, the home became his for $350,000.

Representing sellers in Braemar is only one aspect of my job.  It is my pleasure to represent buyers as well.  And I’m happy to help you find the home you want BEFORE it hits the market.  If you need help buying or selling in Braemar, or Dunbarton, give me a call.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

Long & Foster Real Estate



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