How Long Does It Take a Three Bedroom Braemar Carriage Home to Go Under Contract?

How Long Does It Take a Three Bedroom Braemar Carriage Home to Go Under Contract?

When sellers list their homes they want to know how quickly their home is going to go under contract.  At the time that I met with the seller of 13174 Kirkmichael, three bedroom carriage homes in Braemar were going under contract in thirty-two to thirty-seven days.  One went under contract in as little as four days.

The seller had identified a home he was interested in pursuing, so listing prep was quick.  Time was of the essence to get this done.  The seller did a fantastic job removing items from the home to de-clutter and show the space buyers would be purchasing.  It was also fantastic that the seller was very cooperative with showing requests.

This Norwood model hit the market, priced at $435,000  on June 15th.  The first offer rolled in on June 17th.  However, the seller was not thrilled with it.  It came from a relocating buyer who may not have been familiar with our market and how it favors sellers.  When the seller countered, the buyer walked away.

There is a saying in real estate that your first offer is usually your best offer.  Not in this case.  Four days after hitting the market, another offer appeared, better than the first.  However, that agent and buyer didn’t seem to get why we could not accept an offer with a contingency to sell the buyer’s home.  My seller needed a clean purchase contract.  The listing agent on the home he had identified advised there could not be multiple homes that had to sell to make the final purchase happen.

Showings were still fast and furious, so we waited.  On June 27th, the seller got an offer that beat the previous two.   He was thrilled and accepted the offer that night.

How long it takes to get an offer on a three bedroom carriage home in Braemar may be different than how long it takes to go under contract.  In the case of 13174 Kirkmichael Terrace, it was only two days before the first offer arrived, but thirteen days before the RIGHT offer came in and became an accepted contract.  The more specific your needs in an offer, the longer it may take.  However, even in this case, this listing beat the average and median marketing time for Braemar three bedroom carriage homes.

When you are ready to sell your Braemar home, give me a call for the best results.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

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Just Sold:  Another Braemar Home Above List Price by Chris Ann Cleland

Just Sold:  Another Braemar Home Above List Price by Chris Ann Cleland

10024 Naughton Court in Bristow went under contract in 1 Day.

It all began about two years go.  Yep.  Two years ago.  That’s when the seller of this Waverly model in Braemar, located at 10024 Naughton Court, first reached out for me to give her an idea of what she would need to do to get her house ready for market.  She knew that there was a lot of updating that needed to be done and knew that she wouldn’t be able to do it over the course of a few months.  So we met and talked about what buyers expect when they are buying a home in Braemar.  Updated kitchens, new carpet, fresh paint and sometimes updated bathrooms.  Wanting the top of the market, the seller got to work over those two years.

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook

The kitchen was remodeled with granite counters, a gorgeous tile back splash and stainless steel appliances.  The white cabinets were also given updates to make them fresh again.  The basement flooring was replaced with luxury vinyl plank.  The master bathroom got a fresh face of ceramic tile and new fixtures.  And windows and doors in need of replacement were taken care of.  Even the exterior light fixtures were changed from the worn out brass to an oiled bronze.   The result was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Master Bathroom

Ideally the seller wanted to move in June, so her thought process was to list in late May and accommodate that.  We talked about the current state of the market in early 2019 and I counseled her that April was a better choice if she could do it.  Buyers were knocking themselves out to get Braemar homes, offering longer settlement dates and rent backs.  No real estate agent has a crystal ball, but who knew what would happen as we got closer to school being out and summer.  Past years indicated we could expect more homes flooding to market and longer marketing times as buyers were more interested in summer vacations.  So the seller listened to her experienced Braemar Listing Agent and put the home on the market April 13th.  Sure enough, within one day she had two offers both above her list price of $529,000 and both accommodating her desired settlement date in mid June.

Family Room, where a recliner was moved for the best picture.

On June 17th, this Waverly model in Braemar sold for $536,000.  The seller had to give no closing cost assistance and had a smooth transaction from start to finish with her buyers.  The only real kerfuffle in the deal was done at the hands of the Braemar covenants inspector.  Having the ear of our portfolio and general managers on-site, I was able to remediate one of the issues with a simple phone call.  A little common sense goes a long way.

When the time to sell your Braemar home is looming on the horizon, don’t think you are asking too much to meet with your listing agent well in advance.  The best agents in the business understand that it is never too early to get professional advice on updating your home.  And my knowledge of our neighborhood real estate market is a skill I hone daily.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

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Under Contract Before It Ever Hit the Market!

Under Contract Before It Ever Hit the Market!

This year the Braemar, and surrounding Bristow-Gainesville real estate market is on fire.  Sellers are loving short marketing periods, but buyers are feeling the frustration of being in multiple offer situations and losing out on houses before they ever got a chance to see them.  In this market, the buyer’s agent you hire makes a HUGE difference.  If they are well connected and well respected in the industry, you are far more likely to have success landing previews of Braemar homes before they hit the market.  This is one of those cases.

It was at the last Braemar Annual Board Meeting that I first meet one of the home owners of 12171 Hopper Lane.  As soon as he introduced himself to me I recognized the name immediately.  He had reached out to me online for information on prepping his Braemar home for sale a few weeks earlier.  I remember the conversation we had about what level of prep he had to do.  While I give generic advice, the best advice comes once I have seen your home.

While no seller is thrilled at the things that need to be done to get top dollar for your home, getting them done makes a huge difference.  De-cluttering, painting a neutral shade and installing new carpet are usually the biggest impacts.  In this case, those three things, along with a new kitchen light fixture, some gussying up of the front sidewalk,  a new range hood  and some staging and the home was ready for pictures.  Then, through the power of networking, a well known agent among Braemar listing agents texted.  She had a desperate buyer and heard I had some properties coming up.  That night, we arranged showings of both.  While one was too small, this one fit like a glove.

The buyer made the sellers an offer they could not refuse.  About six hours after the professional photo shoot, and the day before it hit the market, the sellers were signing the offer.  While the sellers could have hit the market as planned and seen a flurry of activity and multiple offers, odds were strong that the offer they got was still going to be the best.  Accepting it was what the sellers chose to do.

You should take a look at the virtual tour for 12171 Hopper Lane.  Of particular interest to me was the solar tube installed in the second bathroom, making that windowless room come alive with light.  These sellers could now give lessons on de-personalizing a home and getting it ready for market. They also did a phenomenal job of updating the things that often go unnoticed like windows, roof, HVAC, appliances…you name it.

When you are ready to sell your Braemar home, or buy one for that matter, having a well respected and well connected agent on your side makes all the difference.  You know my motto.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

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Just Listed: Three Bedroom Norwood Model for $435,000

Just Listed: Three Bedroom Norwood Model for $435,000

It is always an honor when a purchaser from one of my Braemar listings, who had been represented by another agent, calls ME up when the time comes to sell that Braemar home.  My knowledge of the Braemar real estate market, professional marketing and in depth knowledge of our real estate contract must shine through.  My latest Braemar Carriage home listing is one of these cases.  I first listed 13174 Kirkmichael in the late summer/early fall of 2015.  Since then, the current owners have been quite busy making improvements and customizing their home.

The basics of the home are the same.  It is a three level Norwood model with a private driveway along the side of the home and a detached two car garage in the back of the home.  The back yard is fully fenced with plenty of yard to enjoy and a wood deck with a pergola off the kitchen.  The hardwood floors on most of the main level, with the exception of the family room, are still present.  Three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs include the master suite with an attached full bathroom dual sinks/vanity and a walk-in closet.  Secondary bedrooms sit on opposite sides of the second full bathroom, accessed by the hallway entrance. In the basement, a walk up exit and two finished areas along with a full bathroom.  The built-in bookcases are working great for a home office area.


What’s been updated makes the home different this go round?  For starters, there was a new roof installed in 2018.  That will make any interested buyer happy.  Inside, the kitchen and family room areas are most notably changed.  The kitchen now sports leathered granite counters, a tile back splash, stainless steel appliances and a cherry wood butcher block island.  Across from the kitchen, the ship lap style accent wall bring new life to the family room.

There is a nice use of colorful accent walls in this home.  Tones of dusty teal wrap the main level staircase walls. Upstairs, each bedroom has an accent wall.  And the powder room makes a bold statement with its stripes.  The good news for buyers is that, if this isn’t your style, paint is easy to change.









You can see all there is to see about this Braemar Carriage home, currently listed for $435,000 by clicking this this for the virtual tour.   If you don’t have an agent and would like to see it, give me a call at 703-402-0037.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

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Just Sold: Semi-Detached Single Family Home in Braemar

Just Sold: Semi-Detached Single Family Home in Braemar

9684 Tarvie Circle sold for $444,000 on May 31, 2019.

It’s always a great feeling to sell a home for a Braemar seller, and have the buyer that purchased it come back and hire you to sell it again.  As a matter of business practice, I will not practice dual agency, which is where I would represent both sides of a transaction.  No matter what happens, even if a relative wants to buy my listing, I refer the buyer to another agent.  My business practice as a Top Braemar Listing Agents is to stick with my sellers.  So when these buyers that have hired me to sell the homes they purchased as my listings, it is an honor.

In the case of 9684 Tarvie Circle, it was a particularly great feeling because the seller was a licensed real estate agent, whose license was on referral.  Did she know a lot of other agents?  Yes!  Did she have agents that were former business associates she had worked with?  Yes! Yet she called me to sell her Braemar home.  Why?  Because she knows my reputation in the neighborhood and my sales record.  She knew I would get it done right and for top dollar.

Kitchen, 9684 Tarvie

The property had been improved since the owner purchased it in 2016 for $404,000.  The powder room had been completely renovated to feature a floor to ceiling tiled accent wall.  The kitchen was looking great with the new granite counters.  And the modern touch of the ship-lap accent wall in the family room, along with updated light fixtures and brand new carpet on the upper level, took years of this home’s appearance.  In addition to visually appealing updates, the home essentially got organ transplants with two new HVAC units.  Given the amount of updates, listing at $439,000 didn’t seem optimistic at all.  That much gain in less two and a half years is not typical, but these owners really did make the home shine.  If they had finished the basement, they could have listed for much more.

Ridiculous to have to prove those steps down were within the property lines with a survey.

One of the reasons that this seller chose me is my connection to the on-site management staff. Living in the neighborhood and serving on my sub-association board, I have developed relationships with the staff from CMC that allow me to help sellers solve HOA violations quickly.  In this case, there was no getting around the need to physically draw five steps down from the family room to the back yard on a survey of the yard.  When you make modifications to your Braemar home, you need to apply for them.  Rather than spending $350 on a survey to complete the application, thereby correcting the violation, I proposed a solution that made the need for the survey much cheaper for the seller, and very attractive for the buyer.  The seller and buyer split the cost of the survey.  Don’t get me started on why this process of drawing these steps that came about two and a half feet out from the back of the was even necessary.

Not surprisingly, this semi-detached home on Tarvie Circle had multiple offers after two days on the market.  It sold above list price for $444,000 on May 31st.

When the time comes to sell your Braemar home, give me a call for a consultation about the market and what you can expect in terms of price and how long it will take to sell.  Selling Braemar homes is my specialty.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

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