Braemar Reflection Quarterly: July-September 2020 (3rd Quarter)

Braemar Reflection Quarterly: July-September 2020 (3rd Quarter)

Reflection Series Home

Today I bring you the last of the Braemar quarterly property value reports. This one is focused on the Reflection homes in Braemar. For those who are unfamiliar with what defines a Reflection home, they are the homes on Tarvie Circle and are attached to one neighbor at the rear load garage.

Between July and September (the 3rd quarter of 2020,) there were no Braemar Reflection homes that sold. For that matter, there were no Reflection homes that sold between April and June (the 2nd quarter of 2020.) That makes our average and median six month value point non-existent, but we still have our twelve month average and median value points that we can use to get a sense of where Reflection home values may be.

The twelve month average and median sold prices for Reflection homes are close in value. And while our market demand has seen values pushing up, most home types are not jumping up in value by leaps and bounds. Maybe an average projected sales price for the current market would be $475,000 or so.

In the seller subsidy column we learn how much closing cost help Reflection home sellers gave to buyers. Even information seven to twelve month’s old shows that seller subsidy was minimal in the average and nothing in the median value. The market has been so flooded with buyers and very little inventory, very little closing cost help has been zeroing out in a lot of home sales lately.

Days on market in the twelve month stats are a little high at eighteen days in the average. The twelve month median at eight days is more likely close to what may happen in the current market if a Reflection home hit the market.

The next Braemar Reflection Quarterly will be out in January. Maybe by then we’ll have some sales of Reflection homes to report. Until then, if you are contemplating taking advantage of this extreme buyer demand, get in touch with me. Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker-Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate

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