Braemar Townhouse SOLD $31,000 Over List Price!!

12858 Wishing Well Way Sold for $425,000 on April 5, 2021

Braemar Townhouse SOLD $31,000 Over List Price!!

On February 26th (2021,) I had the pleasure of bringing 12858 Wishing Well Way to the market, listed for $394,000. Having been helping a couple make offers on Braemar townhouses, I knew the market was out of control with buyer demand. And I had already run comps on this townhouse when my buyers wanted to make an offer on 10123 Pale Rose Loop. That was listed for $380,000. That was an absurdly low list price and I knew it. And sure enough, the agent there said they received two dozen offers and my buyers’ offer at $390K with free rent back was the weakest offer.

By the time we listed 12858 Wishing Well, 10123 Pale Rose had sold for $422,500. Pale Rose had been a home with a lot of interior updates, the most grand being the kitchen. It was an interior unit with a deck and gorgeous main level hardwood floors. It also had updated bathrooms. My listing on Wishing Well was end unit with a new HVAC and updated laminate wood flooring on the main level and upper level hallway, with hardwood on the upper level staircase as a transition. It had no deck, original kitchen and bathrooms. I prepped my seller for an appraised value of $405,000 to $410,000 if we were lucky.

After four days on the market we had eleven offers. Turns out we didn’t need two dozen to hit really high offers. One bid $450,000, but didn’t waive appraisal. That meant it would sell for appraised value. One offered cash at $420,000, but had an outdated, illegible proof of funds and wanted inspection contingencies. My seller made it clear she didn’t want to go through inspections and haggle with repairs. And with a sunken driveway (actually, an elevated sidewalk due to tree roots pushing up the concrete) we eliminated every FHA and VA loan so that wouldn’t get flagged as a safety concern on appraisal. That left one stand out offer– $425,000 with no inspections, conventional loan with financing and appraisal contingencies, but with a $30,000 low appraisal guarantee. That meant if the townhouse only appraised for the list price, it would still sell for $424,000. It was as close to guaranteed money as you could get.

Even though the buyers had expressed their need of an appraisal, but had pre-negotiated the outcome of a low value, nothing was required of me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t still get the appraiser a package of comparable sales, the offers we had received and list of updates. (HVAC and flooring are definitely worth something.) The goal was to keep the buyer’s additional down payment to a minimum. Real estate transactions are best when both parties have a win. My seller was winning with the sales price. Time to help them out. Sure enough, I got it to appraise at the sales price.

Today, April 5th, this one at 12858 Wishing Well closed at $425,000. Higher than a mega new kitchen, updated bathrooms and deck on 10123 Pale Rose Loop. Woo-hoo!

Any agent can get you multiple offers on your home in a seller’s market. I will get you every penny the market will allow. Two times more offers doesn’t always mean more money. Who you hire matters. Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker, Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate

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