Just Sold Another Braemar Home Above List Price

12809 Gentle Shade Drive Listed for $649,000 on July 8th and Sold for $717,000 on August 6th.

Just Sold Another Braemar Home Above List Price

Having recently listed 12148 Formby Street and 9239 Glen Meadow Lane, I have to say I was not about to advise the sellers of 12809 Gentle Shade Drive to raise their list price prior to hitting the market. Those other Bristow homes had not received offers their first weekend on market and one barely sold above list price. The seller’s market of 2021 had changed going into summer. My advice was to stick to the marketing plan at $649,000 and see what buyers thought. There is no such thing as underpricing in a seller’s market.

It was evident right away that this home in Braemar was in high demand. After three offers, it was time to hit the done button. A buyer came in with an offer the sellers couldn’t refuse. Best of all, the buyer could back up their offer price with a sizeable down payment. That meant if appraisal came in low, the sellers wouldn’t require the sellers to lower the sales price.

uAs we waited for appraisal day, since there were no other contingencies, I got a call from a colleague with a listing nearby that had gone under contract sight unseen. The agent was furios that the appraisal had come in below list price while the offer her seller’s held was well above list price. That’s the risk of sight unseen. You don’t get to see market value if you were never exposed to the market. Appraisers take multiple offers into account when they are heading in the same direction. However, one offer that a buyer puts together to make the seller stop the marketing process before it begins should be a red flag to listing agents.

Thank goodness, the listing preparation my sellers had done at my recommendation, combined with my professional marketing got them a fantastic offer. And showing all of the updates, offers and having the marketing to show the appraiser made a difference. The appraisal, we are told, came in at sales price! Which brings me to the very happy ending of this Braemar home sale.

On August 6th (2021,) 12809 Gentle Shade Drive sold for $717,000..$68,000 above list price.

Ready to list your Braemar home? Don’t leave a penny on the table. Even in a seller’s market it can happen. Get in touch with me to get the skinny on listing preparation recommendations and my professional marketing to power buyer enthusisam. Since 2005, No One Know Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker, Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate
703-402-0037, ChrisAnn@LNF.com

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