Braemar Townhouse Report: November-December 2021

Braemar Townhouse Report: November-December 2021

As we all brace for the impending winter storm, I am comfortable in my home office doing what I do best–real estate! The business of real estate is one that can be taken as seriously as the individual agent practicing it sees fit. Braemar real estate isthe foundation of my business. Bringing you the latest market information is something I take very seriously. This are not copy and paste reports. I run the data and compile it myself.

Today, rounding up the last of the year end reports for 2021, is the Braemar Townhouse Report. The properties that this report pertains to are traditional three level townhouses with front and back yards, attached side to side only. They are not to be confused with Braemar Condos, but you can find the report for the Braemar Condo townhouses by clicking this link.

There were six Braemar townhouses that sold during the last two months of 2021. The year market is not to be dismissed. The details of those sales are listed below:

Of the six sales, one is highlighted in pink. That is because it was my listing. You can read the details in the post I wrote about that sale. What is evident looking at all six sales is that most are selling at a minimum of a list price, the majority gave no closing cost help and they all sold in a matter of days. However, it is only when taking all of 2021’s Braemar townhouse sales and compiling updated six and twelve month market reports that we get to see trends.

Starting in the sold price column, we see only the six month average is higher than its respective twelve month value. The six and twelve month median values are the same. Furthermore, the growth rate of Bramar townhouses in the average has slowed. This report the six month average is 1.5% higher than the twelve month average. Last report, that was a 3.6% difference. The median last report was a 3.3% difference vs. zero this report. The second half of 2021 was not as frenzied as the first half. Buyers slowed their pace once summer vacations started and it never really got as insane as it had been earlier in the year.

Seller subsidy is something we have not seem much of in regard to Braemar townhouses. The average numbers are the only ones with anything to report and the averages are miniscule. Out of seventy-three sales, only six gave any closing cost help in 2021. One was a townhouse where I represented the buyers. Another was the one this report where I represented the seller. In the case of the one where I represented the buyers, we went in with the request because of the condition of the home. In the one on Selkirk listed above in pink, the buyer came in with no seller subsidy requests, but had a list of demands come home inspection. Rather than ditch them and move on to another buyer, my seller decided to strike a deal with them. Thankfully, we were able to negotiate that down to less than they requested.

Days on market shows that the time it took in the six month average and six month median, compared to their respective twelve month values, increased by one day. That is nothing to worry about.

If you put your Braemar townhouse on the market, priced to current conditions, you could expect it to be under contract in about one week. You could also reasonably expect to give nothing in closing cost help. However, you could expect to see the typical contingencies in your offers. Those are financing, appraisal and home inspection.

The next Braemar Townhouse Report will be out in March. Until then, if you want to know what is in store for the 2022 market, you can read my predictions by clicking this link. If you want more personalized information for an impending move, get in touch. My neighborhood knowledge, combined with my professional marketing, makes my Braemar sellers very happy. Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker, Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate

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