Braeamar Reflection Quarterly: January-March 2022 (1st Quarter)

Reflection Series Home

Braeamar Reflection Quarterly: January-March 2022 (1st Quarter)

Welcome to another edition of the Braemar Reflection Quarterly. This report details sales of the semi-attached/semi-detached homes on Tarvie Circle. While they look like detached single family homes from the curb, in the back they are attached to one neighbor in a duplex-like fashion, only at the garage. These homes make up only forty-four of the over two-thousand, eight hundred properties in Braemar, so sometimes it feels like quarterly reports are even too frequent. If we go too many quarters without a sale this year, I may make this a semi-annual report.

We get to start off the year examining the sale of one Reflection Series home that sold in January. Details are listed below.

There are many thing about this sale that show the presence of the seller’s market. Selling above list price is one of them. Two others are giving no seller subsidy (closing cost help to buyer) and going under contract in only two days.

When combined with the Reflection home sales from the second, third and fourth quarter of 2021, we have a total of only three sales. However, taking the six and twelve month data points from that pool of data our market markers are updated.

Being the only sale in the last six month, our most recent Reflection home sale makes up both the six month average and median values. Compared to the twelve month average and twelve month median sold price, we still see upward growth in home values. Not surprising since our market continues to have very high demand and limited inventory.

Seller subsidy is zero down the line in all but the twelve month average. That is because one sale out of three in the last year gave $8,000 in closing cost help. One out of three sales giving closing cost help is not great, but still keeps the median values at zero. Your odds of having to give closing cost help if you sell your Reflection home have been slim, but with rising interest rates, don’t be surprised to see seller subsidy increase this year.

Days on market shows that Reflection homes are selling even faster. Again, this is due to high demand and very little inventory.

If you placed your Reflection home on the market, priced to current conditions, you could expect to be under contract within a week. And whether or not you gave any seller subsidy may depend on large part who you hire to represent you. Relying solely on seller market conditions and hiring low rate agents who do very little to drive up buyer enthusiasm will cost you more than you save in commission every time. Even in a seller’s market, you can leave money on the table. Creating buyer enthusiasm through proper listing preparation and professional marketing keep you at the top of what any market will bear.

The next Braemar Reflection Quarterly will be out in July. Until then, if you would like to investigate the 2022 sale of your Braemar home, get in touch for a no obligation analysis. We can discuss current demand and how rising interest rates may or may not be a factor for you in your next purchase. Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker, Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate

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