Braemar Piggyback Quarterly: April-June 2022 (2nd Quarter)

Braemar Piggyback Quarterly: April-June 2022 (2nd Quarter)

The second quarter of 2022 came to a close over two weeks ago and I am just sitting down to write this Braemar Piggyback Quarterly market report. If I had a whole bunch of things going on in my personal life precluding me from doing this task, that would be one thing. The reality is that the market that I keep hearing tales of crashing is keeping me intensely busy. In this edition of the Braemar Piggyback Quarterly we look back to the months of April, May and June to track the homes sold and compare our updated six and twelve month market markers. Should be interesting as this time frame was when we saw mortgage interest rates jump up just under six percent.

For those who do not know what a Braemar Piggyback townhouse is, they are the only two car garage option buyers have in attached homes in our neighborhood. These townhouses are attached side to side and back to back. What they lose in having a back yard is more than made up for in larger bedroom sizes than you would find in a traditional townhouse.

During the second quarter, four Braemar Piggyback townhouses sold. Details of those sales are seen below.

At a glance, these all look like very healthy sales. Only one of the four didn’t sell above list price. None gave seller subsidy, more commonly known as closing cost help to buyers. And they were all under contract in less than one week. It is when the six and twelve month data points are pulled from the Braemar Piggyback sales going back to the third quarter of 2021 that we get to see which way our market is trending.

Starting in the sold price column, we still find both the six month average and six month median sold prices are higher than their respective twelve month values. However, the lift from the six month to the twelve month values is not as high as it was last report. This is consistent with what I am hearing from trustworthy experts and seeing with my own eyes. Inventory is still not meeting demand, but rising mortgage interest rates has tamped down the rampant buyer frenzy. Homes are still going to be gaining value, but not in the leaps and bounds they saw since 2020. We are now looking at more measured growth. Braemar Piggyback townhouses are still gaining value.

Seller subsidy has not been a factor for Braemar Piggyback sellers except for one out of ten in the last twelve months. This actually surprises me a bit. As mortgage rates have increased, I have noticed sellers elsewhere offering some closing cost assistance toward mortgage rate buy down. It is certainly the exception and not the rule right now. It will not surprise me to see seller subsidy come back as we move through the rest of the year. However, my feeling is that it will be modest amounts we see.

Days on market shows a trend of decreasing marketing times. Just when you thought Braemar Piggyback townhomes couldn’t go under contract any faster, they are. The six month average marketing time decreased one day compared to the already super fast twelve month marketing time. And the six month median marketing time is the lowest you can go at one day, compared to the twelve month median marketing time of four days.

If you placed your Braemar Piggyback townhouse on the market, priced to current conditions, you could expect to go under contract in less than a week. These numbers indicate you could expect to give nothing in closing cost help. As stated above, my gut tells me we will start seeing modest requests from buyers struggling with affordability as mortgage rates rise. You could also expect that, even though demand is still high and inventory is low, buyers are acting much more deliberately now. They are not in a frenzy. Multiple offers, while happening on some properties, is not something you can bank on. Buyers are also no longer waiving inspections or offering low appraisal guarantees. The market is steadying out to more typical buyer behavior.

As market conditions shift, the way to top of market price is still the same equation as it has always been. Proper listing preparation and professional marketing are what drives buyer enthusiasm. When buyers are excited about what they see online, and it matches what they find in person, they are more likely to act quickly and decisively. Having a top notch negotiator on your side who knows true market conditions is just as important. Already, I am seeing my sellers getting offers from buyer agents spewing doom and gloom. My sellers are able to cut through that nonsense and negotiate from a position of what is actually happening.

The next Braemar Piggyback Quarterly will be out in October. Until then, if you want to investigate the sale of your Piggyback townhouse, get in touch to schedule your complementary consultation. Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker, Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate


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