Veterinarians Close to Braemar

Veterinarians Close to Braemar

As a pet parent, I know the importance of good veterinary care. Living in Braemar since 2005, I have become familiar with just about every veterinarian in the area, but not all. We are very familiar with some, not so much with others. We know specialists in internal medicine, cardiology and ophthalmology. The Cleland cats have their issues, especially as they are getting into their upper years, but have always been well taken care of thanks to our veterinarians.

CARING HANDS ANIMAL HOSPITAL: This is our go to veterinarian for check ups and the first stop for sickness. They are located in the Braemar Village Shopping Center to the left of Safewway. We have interacted with many vets over the years. From their reception, to the techs and the doctors, we have remained extremely satisfied with the quality of care our pets receive. 703-368-7300

OHANA VETERINARY CARE: While I have no personal experience with Ohana, based on the reviews they get from other residents in the area, if Caring Hands were not available, I would have no issue taking my pets to Ohana. They are located off of Bristow Center Drive, to the right of the Harris Teeter shopping center just before Route 28. 571-379-5812

ARTEMIS VETERINARY EMERGENCY & SPECIALTY SERVICES: I am so thankful that we have an emergency vet so close to our neighborhood of Braemar. Before Artemis existed we used to have to take our pets to Manassas or Leesburg. And because of a bad experience with Manassas AGES AGO, when they were under different ownership, we would go to Leesburg. Artemis a is great practice. Located off of Wellington Road behind the Murlarkey Distillery, it is super close. Make sure to call ahead if you are heading to them with something serious so they can prepare. 703-722-9159

MEDVET NORTHERN VIRGINIA: I am most familiar with MedVet and their internal medicine doctors. We have had three cats undergo treatment for cancer there. We have also been there for ophthalmology. They have emergency services as well. They are located off of Route 28, a few blocks east past the downtown center of Old Town Manassas. Their number is 703-361-8287. I have noticed, however, that this phone number doesn’t always work. The alternate I have is 703-361-0710.

PAWS FOR HOLISTIC PET CARE: Dr. Rebecca Verna is a one woman show and a good friend of mine. She used to own Healthy Paws in Haymarket, but decided to sell the practice and get into holistic pet care. We’ve had acupuncture and laser therapy appointments for our arthritic gal. We’ve also had her come and perform in-home euthanasia when our primary vet had shut down in-home visits due to the pandemic. If you are looking for alternative treatment, or a personal goodbye in your own home, Dr. Verna will come to you. Her house calls make her as close as can be, despite her physical location in Marshall. 703-395-0795

LAP OF LOVE: This is a house call hospice and end of life veterinary service. Having known one of the vets that left Caring Hands to join this practice, I can assure you that they among the most compassionate people around. If you need end of life care or in-home euthanasia, this is also an option. 703-870-5489.

I usually keep the phone numbers of veterinary practices saved in my phone, even the emergency vet. You don’t want to be fumbling for a number in the event of an emergency. Been there, done that and won’t do it again.

Here’s to the good health of our furry Braemar and Dunbarton residents.

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker-Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate

Who Can You Call to Repair Your Braemar Mailbox?

Who Can You Call to Repair Your Braemar Mailbox?

If I had been less frazzled after our wind storm on March 2nd (2018,) I probably would have thought to snap a couple photos of the Cleland Family mailbox damage.  Those photos would have started in the woods beside our home where the metal mailbox had landed.  Of course, when my husband first spotted it along the wood line, it was not the only metal mailbox that had been caught by that wood line.

The wooden support below the box, and newspaper slot below that, had started to rot over time.   And the mailbox had become disconnected, thanks in part to kids in the cul-de-sac who liked to smack it when they rode past on their bikes.  We had discovered the one side being loose when getting the mail, but since it was attached on the other side and didn’t seem to be under assault anymore, fixing it wasn’t a high priority.  Then the wind storm got up underneath there and took it for a ride.

The immediate fix was a bungee cord strapped around the box and connecting to itself under the newspaper box.  That hack would have made an interesting photo.  Once that repair was made, a call to Garrett Dismore at Mailbox Makeovers was not far behind.  They had repaired our mailbox a few years before when we had some wood rot issue.  Hey, two repairs in thirteen years isn’t bad.

When reaching to out for the second repair, I was delighted that Mailbox Makeovers was willing to give us a discount for being repeat customers.  Isn’t that thoughtful?  And within five days of that call, they were out on a Sunday afternoon putting our Humpty Dumpty like mailbox back together again.  They replaced the rotten wood and attached a brand new metal top.  Even had a sticker inside the metal box with their number to call if it needed repair again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to chat with them during the repair, but I had made arrangements for their payment and they had their marching orders.  When I got home I saw a mailbox that looked even better than the condition the builder had delivered it.  And Mailbox Makeovers had even carefully placed my bungee chord on my front porch.

If you need your Braemar mailbox repaired, and either don’t have the time or talent to do the work yourself, I can not say enough about Mailbox Makeovers.  The prices are reasonable and the work is quality.  And even better, they are Braemar residents and know the HOA stipulations for our mailboxes.  When they repair it, it won’t end up in a covenants violation.

Call Mailbox Makeovers at 703-348-7701 or email them at and schedule your Braemar mailbox repair.  

And as always, if you find yourself in the position to buy or sell a home in Braemar, that’s my area of expertise.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

Long & Foster REALTORS®


Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Braemar Day Coloring Contest

Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Braemar Day Coloring Contest

On September 27th, I was happy to be hosting a coloring contest from my vendor booth at Braemar Day.  It was a nice bag stuffer to go with the trick-or-treat bags that I had made up for the kids.

Of course, when it came to picking an object for the kids to color, I went with the obvious—a house!  Come on.  I’m a real estate agent.  What else was it going to be?  And of course, everyone has a different vision of their dream home…even kids.

After receiving all the entries, three winners were picked.

In first place was Christina with this picture perfect entry.  Take a look at the bright blue sky, and even the attention to detail in embellishing the windows with a diagonal, criss cross accent.

2014 1st Place Coloring Contest

In second place was Cole.  I remember watching Cole color his at the booth.  What a perfectionist.  He created a beautiful blue house with multi-colored steps.

2014 2nd Place Coloring Contest

Third place by Lexie, was all about rainbows.  From the siding to the rainbow she drew behind the home, there were bursts all colors all over.  I loved the pink and brown shingles.

2014 3rd Place Coloring Contest

If you are thinking of selling your current home for your dream home, give me a call for a free market analysis.  No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

2011 & 2013 Top Producing Agent

Long & Foster REALTORS® Manassas, VA


Another Successful Chili Cook Off in Tartan Hills Village

Another Successful Chili Cook Off in Tartan Hills Village

Tartan Hills Village Chili Cook Off 2014

For the third straight year, Tartan Hills Village HOA sponsored a chili cook off in Braemar.  Returning 2013 Chili Cook Off Champ Brian Anderson brought his fiery chili and competed against Katie Quick’s chili, represented by husband Frank Quick.

Frank Quick and Brian Anderson THV CCO 2014

Ready, Set....Chili Cook Off!!

There wasn’t just chili to eat.  Brian was kind enough to bring some great cornbread made with cream corn which was a perfect accompaniment to his tamed down, but still hot chili.  And Tartan Hills Village HOA had hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork and even BBQ chili supplied by Matt Burrough, owner of Wild About BBQ.  Matt set up in the front of the clubhouse and served all of our guest with a smile.

Wild About BBQ set up outside the clubhouse.

Kara Branham, owner of Drama Mama Cakes supplied chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  You know you’re eating a good cupcake when you can’t figure out if the cake or the icing is better.  YUM!

What a Great Day for a Chili Cook Off

Face Painting THV CCO 2014We mixed, mingled, ate BBQ and tasted the chilis.  The kids were happy to get their faces painted.  We saw Iron Man, camo, flowers, butterflies and kitty cats.  Frank Quick was the first adult to step up and get a fire-breathing dragon his arm.  Very appropriate for a chili cook off.

At the end of the day, the votes were tallied and Katie Quick’s chili had won.  Frank accepted the trophy and $100 VISA Gift Card on her behalf as she had a commitment to attend a charity walk.  Each chili contestant received an apron for participating, commemorating the event.  And a lucky attendee got the last apron as a door prize.

Larry Moss presents a trophy and gift card to Frank Quick for Katie Quick

Congrats to our winner and thanks to all who attended.  It was great to see some new faces and people from all over Braemar.  We’re looking forward to the 4th Annual Tartan Hills Village Sponsored Chili Cook Off next October.

The 2nd Annual Tartan Hills Village Chili Cook Off in Review

The 2nd Annual Tartan Hills Village Chili Cook Off in Review

The second annual Tartan Hills Village sponsored chili cook off was held at Braemar’s Clubhouse on October 12, 2013.  The weather was overcast, which seemed like perfect chili weather.  We had only one registered chili cook off contender, so I spent the morning making a batch of chili myself.  You can’t have a chili cook off with only one contender, right?

This is where the chili cooks were set up.

Thankfully, our second contender arrived shortly after doors opened at 4pm to ask if she had to have pre-registered to enter her chili.  While we certainly like to know how much space to allot for, and arrange the room so all contenders have outlets and table space, this year it was not necessary.  So suddenly, we had two legitimate contenders.  And I put a sign in front of my chili that read–House Chili, Not Competing.

At other end of the room was a buffet catered by Glory Days.

While there were chilis to tempt the taste buds on one side of the room, there was a casual buffet from Glory Days restaurants on the other.  Stacked with nachos and nacho toppings, hot dogs, hamburger sliders, pulled pork and cornbread, there was plenty to eat.  And for desert, Drama Mama Cakes in Bristow outdid themselves with vanilla cupcakes with a shot of Boston cream filling and frosting that made they look like mini pumpkins.

Drama Mama Cupcakes

Brian Anderson won with his HOT chili.While the adults were taste testing chilis, the kids were competing in a pumpkin face coloring contest.  The winner, Elizabeth, had done a beautiful rainbow inspired face that will be published in the Bagpiper.

The chilis going head to head were a mild black bean chili whose hidden ingredient was cocoa powder.  The other was a multi-pepper creation, complete with mangos, that would make you sweat just after a bite or two.  When the votes were tallied, we had a clear winner.  Brian Anderson, with his multi-pepper chili won.  He was awarded a $100 VISA gift card and an apron that named him the 2013 Tartan Hill Village Chili Cook Off Winner.

At the end of the event, with a ton of food leftover, attendees took some leftover items themselves, at the prodding of the event coordinators.  The majority was given to the men and women who volunteer at the Nokesville Fire Department.

Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to our chili cooks, Mona and Brian.

We had about thirty people attend the cook off.

The 2012 Braemar Holiday Party

The 2012 Braemar Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again.  Time for the annual Braemar holiday party.  The 2012 Braemar holiday party will be at the Iona Sound Clubhouse on December 14th from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  As usual, Santa will be there for photos with the kids.  And the entire family can enjoy the horse-drawn hay ride.  Light refreshments will be served.

This is a great chance to get out and meet some of your Braemar neighbors.  We hope to see you there!

Get Ready for Braemar’s 2012 Spooktacular Movie Night on October 28th

Get Ready for Braemar’s 2012 Spooktacular Movie Night on October 28th

Residents of Bristow’s community of Braemar are familiar with the Braemar Halloween Spooktacular where children get to attend a neighborhood costume party, the weekend of or before Halloween.  This year’s Spooktacular is actually a movie night.

The event will be held at Clareybrook Park on Sunday, October 28, 2012 and starts at 6:15pm.  Kids arriving in costume will be given the opportunity to walk the track around the playground to show off their wears and receive a treat bag.  Meanwhile, residents wishing to participate in the “trunk-or-treat” will be in the parking lot where kids can trick-or-treat from car to car.

The movies shown after the display of costumes and trunk-or-treat will be It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (rated G) and Monster House (rated PG.)  The Braemar Blasters swim team have donated the movies to make the Braemar Spooktacular Movie Night  at Clareybrook Park possible.

Get your costumes ready and come by to enjoy the family fun of Braemar’s 2012 Spooktacular Movie Night.  

The Tartan Hills Village 1st Annual Chili Cook Off in Review

The Tartan Hills Village 1st Annual Chili Cook Off in Review 

The Tartan Hills Village 1st Annual Chili Cook Off was held on October 6, 2012 at the Braemar Clubhouse.  The weather threatened the accompanying cookout that was to happen on the large patio that adjoins the clubhouse.  Thankfully, the worst we had to deal with was the wind.  Luckily we had plenty of food to hold down the tablecloths on the outdoor buffet, which included hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and a variety of chips.

Inside we had three chili cooks show up with five chilis to be judged between them.  I wish I would’ve thought to take a picture of each bowl of chili, but I was too excited to taste them.  There was one that was a real face-melter.  Just a spoonful and my mouth started the ride of the slow burn of the ghost pepper contained inside.

With thirty two votes, we had a clear winner:  a sweet and savory chili whose secret ingredient was brown sugar. 

While the main attraction was the chili, the secondary attraction was the cake that we ordered from Drama Mama Cakes.  Chocolate cake with butter cream icing made to look like a hay bale.  And individual cakes in the shapes of pumpkins on top with fondant leaves to spruce up the hay bale.

Good food in the presence of good company is always a treat.  And what made this extra special was the opportunity to get to know more of the residents of Tartan Hills Village in Braemar.  Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a great party.  I can’t wait to do it again next year.


First Annual Tartan Hills Village Chili Cook-Off, October 6th, 4-7pm

First Annual Tartan Hills Village Chili Cook-Off, October 6th, 4-7pm

Tartan Hills Village* has decided to host it’s First Annual Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, October 6, 2012 from 4pm-7pm at the Iona Sound Clubhouse.  While chili cook-off participants who want to compete for the $150 VISA gift card prize will need to register with community manager Sara Cruz by 3pm on Friday October 5th, at 703-361-8785.  There is no RSVP necessary if you simply want to attend.

There will be food and drinks to include, hot dogs, hamburgers and sodas.  If adults over 21 wish to bring their own adult beverage, they are more than welcome as long as it is beer or wine only.  There will also be door prizes given away in a raffle fashion.

Come enjoy the music, food and help us judge the chili cook off.  Address for the event is 12300 Iona Sound Drive in Bristow.

*Tartan Hills Village homes in Braemar include the following:

All address on Bathgate Way and Bonnykelly Court

10075-10229 Broadsword Drive

All address on Chapeltown Mews

Odd addresses from 12701-12949 Correen Hills Drive

All addresses on Crail Court, Denside Court, Dunnegan Head Place, Earls Ferry Circle, Guildtown Place, Inchberry Court, Invergordon Street, Kirkmichael Terrace

9530-9576 Laurencekirk Place

All addresses on Marr Lodge Lane, Native Rocks Drive and Newtonmore Place

14040- 14054 Rora Moss Place

All addresses on Score Bay Place, Sdilaw Hills Lane and Slateford Lane

13667-13679 Tartan Hills Parkway

All addresses on Tombreck Court and Whinneyford Court


The 2012 Braemar Doggie Paddle in Review

The 2012 Braemar Doggie Paddle in Review

I was able to stop by Braemar‘s 2012 Doggie Paddle this afternoon before Mother Nature unleashed fury on Bristow….no pun intended.  Everyone was having a great time, particularly the pooches.

The Braemar Doggie Paddle has become an annual event.  The weekend after the community pools close Braemar residents get to bring their dogs to the pool for an end of summer frolic.  The entrance fees of $10 went to benefit the Prince William SPCA.

Here are some photos I snapped of a handful of the four-legged participants.