Veterinarians Close to Braemar

Veterinarians Close to Braemar

As a pet parent, I know the importance of good veterinary care. Living in Braemar since 2005, I have become familiar with just about every veterinarian in the area, but not all. We are very familiar with some, not so much with others. We know specialists in internal medicine, cardiology and ophthalmology. The Cleland cats have their issues, especially as they are getting into their upper years, but have always been well taken care of thanks to our veterinarians.

CARING HANDS ANIMAL HOSPITAL: This is our go to veterinarian for check ups and the first stop for sickness. They are located in the Braemar Village Shopping Center to the left of Safewway. We have interacted with many vets over the years. From their reception, to the techs and the doctors, we have remained extremely satisfied with the quality of care our pets receive. 703-368-7300

OHANA VETERINARY CARE: While I have no personal experience with Ohana, based on the reviews they get from other residents in the area, if Caring Hands were not available, I would have no issue taking my pets to Ohana. They are located off of Bristow Center Drive, to the right of the Harris Teeter shopping center just before Route 28. 571-379-5812

ARTEMIS VETERINARY EMERGENCY & SPECIALTY SERVICES: I am so thankful that we have an emergency vet so close to our neighborhood of Braemar. Before Artemis existed we used to have to take our pets to Manassas or Leesburg. And because of a bad experience with Manassas AGES AGO, when they were under different ownership, we would go to Leesburg. Artemis a is great practice. Located off of Wellington Road behind the Murlarkey Distillery, it is super close. Make sure to call ahead if you are heading to them with something serious so they can prepare. 703-722-9159

MEDVET NORTHERN VIRGINIA: I am most familiar with MedVet and their internal medicine doctors. We have had three cats undergo treatment for cancer there. We have also been there for ophthalmology. They have emergency services as well. They are located off of Route 28, a few blocks east past the downtown center of Old Town Manassas. Their number is 703-361-8287. I have noticed, however, that this phone number doesn’t always work. The alternate I have is 703-361-0710.

PAWS FOR HOLISTIC PET CARE: Dr. Rebecca Verna is a one woman show and a good friend of mine. She used to own Healthy Paws in Haymarket, but decided to sell the practice and get into holistic pet care. We’ve had acupuncture and laser therapy appointments for our arthritic gal. We’ve also had her come and perform in-home euthanasia when our primary vet had shut down in-home visits due to the pandemic. If you are looking for alternative treatment, or a personal goodbye in your own home, Dr. Verna will come to you. Her house calls make her as close as can be, despite her physical location in Marshall. 703-395-0795

LAP OF LOVE: This is a house call hospice and end of life veterinary service. Having known one of the vets that left Caring Hands to join this practice, I can assure you that they among the most compassionate people around. If you need end of life care or in-home euthanasia, this is also an option. 703-870-5489.

I usually keep the phone numbers of veterinary practices saved in my phone, even the emergency vet. You don’t want to be fumbling for a number in the event of an emergency. Been there, done that and won’t do it again.

Here’s to the good health of our furry Braemar and Dunbarton residents.

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker-Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate

Part of Being a Braemar Real Estate Expert is Being Well Versed in Dunbarton

Part of Being a Braemar Real Estate Expert is Being Well Versed in Dunbarton

Dubnarton is the Active Adult Section of Braemar

Usually when I am called to duty as a Top Braemar Real Estate Agent, it is because a seller or buyer has found me online, seen an ad, or a yard sign with my information.  I’ve been at this since 2005.  You know my tag line, “No One Knows Braemar Better!”  I take that seriously.  And part of knowing Braemar the best is knowing about the Active Adult section of our neighborhood–Dunbarton.

There I was, minding my own business in our Long & Foster Gainesville office when the phone rang on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Being one of two agents in the office, the other on the phone, I diverted my attention from my Braemar Property Value Reports to answer.  On the other end of the phone with a man wanting information on a foreclosure listed in Dunbarton, but unwilling to give me any information about himself.  We struck a deal.  I would spend a few minutes tracking down the information on that home and he would call me back for the scoop.  Having been a journalism major in college, getting to the bottom of something is one of the skills I learned early and it serves me well as a Braemar Real Estate Agent.

When the buyer called me back, I told him what I had found and it wasn’t good.  The proposition to buy the foreclosure was a bad deal.  I had inside information on the condition and the situation.  This guy wanted no part of it.  So I asked him what he wanted.  He wanted a small villa style home in an Active Adult community. He had lived in Dunbarton and wanted to live there again.  We struck a deal.  He wasn’t hiring me that minute and that was fine.  But he agreed to think about it if I came back with a home for him to buy.

12921 Fetlar Way is the latest home to be part of my Braemar sales

Within days, I was on the phone with the buyer.  I had uncovered two coming soon listings in Dunbarton.  The first one I was able to get in to see sounded like his dream come true.  Since he was out of the state, there was some going over floor plans via email and phone, determining if this might be a fit.  When we determined it was exactly what he was looking for, he sent his daughter to take a look on his behalf.  The day his daughter saw it and reported back to him, he hired me to represent him buy it.


The home in question was 12921 Fetlar Way.  It home had been remodeled.  I had toured it with another buyer a few years earlier when IT had been a foreclosure.  Since then, it had engineered hardwood floors, new appliances and a new roof.  It was really well maintained and listed for $350,000.  It was a steal at that price.

This buyer was thrilled to view the home when he came into town with his wife.  This was exactly what he wanted.  And today, the home became his for $350,000.

Representing sellers in Braemar is only one aspect of my job.  It is my pleasure to represent buyers as well.  And I’m happy to help you find the home you want BEFORE it hits the market.  If you need help buying or selling in Braemar, or Dunbarton, give me a call.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 

Associate Broker-Licensed in VA

Long & Foster Real Estate



Braemar Residents Facebook Group

Our community of Braemar has a Facebook group.  It’s called Braemar Residents.  This is a place where we discuss events in the community and other community related things.

Lately, there has been some complaints about things that should NOT be posted in the group.  One is classified ads.  Seems folks like to post the items they want to get rid of, and what they need.  It works well and so far, hasn’t really bothered me as a member.  Maybe seeing the ongoing virtual yard sale bothers some residents, but it is a residential networking group.  What’s the big deal?  That’s the stuff folks would talk about at a school bus stop.

As a real estate agent, I do post Braemar Property Value Reports on the group.  I do this once per quarter for condos and once every other month for townhouse and single family homes in Braemar.   This is relevant information for residents in the community and I hope that it is taken that way.  If you don’t like the reports, you don’t have to click on them. 

The other issue the community Facebook group seems to be having is rudeness and confrontational behavior.  Calling specific residents and children out for poor behavior is one example.  Nasty and uncalled for remarks by residents to other residents with whom they may be having a disagreement. 

Why can’t we all just get along?  Come on everyone.  It’s a flippin’ Facebook group.  Lighten up.  The Braemar Board of Directors is likely about to get involved to moderate what is allowable content and what is not.  Is that the kind of Braemar Facebook group we want?

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Dunbarton Residents: Get Ready for Sunday’s Big Game Tailgate Party

If you are a resident of Bristow’s Dunbarton, then you are mostly likely aware of all the community events and activities.  The activities and amenities are one of the truly great things about an Active Adult Community like Dunbarton.

On February 6th, Dunbarton will host a Tailgating Party for the Big Game.  It will be at the clubhouse and starts at 5:30pm.  Runs until 11:30pm.  There will be no alcoholic beverages provided by the community, so BYOB.

If you’re ready to move to an Active Adult Community like Dunbarton, for ages 55 or better, give me a call.  There are a handful of wonderful Active Adult Communities between Bristow, Gainesville and Haymarket.

Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Licensed in Virginia

Long & Foster REALTORS®


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Braemar Residents May be Shocked to Know Their Cul-de-Sacs are No Parking

The Bristow community of Braemar will soon have a safety restriction enforced on it’s cul-de-sacs with center islands.  The Prince William County Fire Marshall determined while Braemar was under construction, that  cul-de-sacs with islands could pose a problem for fire trucks needing to turn around in these areas if there were cars parked along the curb.   Unfortunately, signage to date has not stopped the parking and many residents do not know that their cul-de-sacs have always been a No Parking area.

This safety hazard was brought to light by concerned residents of one of Braemar’s sub-associations, Tartan Hills Village, in 2007. At that time, the County Fire Code was reviewed and No Parking signs were installed by VDOT (Virginia Deparment of Transportation) in Tartan Hills Village culd-de-sacs with islands, after the approval by the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.  This was a move to make enforcement of parking restrictions easier.  The signage in place before was ambiguous to police officers an enforcement next to impossible.

The same process was just followed by the Master Home Owners Association of Braemar for the remaining cul-de-sacs with islands within the community.

According to information in the Braemar newsletter, the no parking signs will be installed on the west side of Sudley Manor Drive during the Spring and Summer of 2010. The east side of Sudley Manor Drive will have no parking signs at a later time, at this point undetermined. First cul-de-sacs to have the No Parking signs installed will be:

Ballagan Court

Banchory Place

Crail Court

Cromarty Court

Daldownie Court

Dunblane Court

Fisherford Court

Garrow Court

Grady Pond Way

Kinloss Mews

Kyle Moor Court

Laurencekirk Place

Nethy Bridge Court

Potential Braemar home buyers looking for cul-de-sac lots for the convenience of additional street parking need to be aware of the restriction when house hunting. Cul-de-sac homes have longer driveways provided by the builder for this exact reason, so it shouldn’t be an issue.  Howevr, it’s best to know all the facts before purchasing your Braemar home.  Just another reason to ensure you are working with a neighborhood expert if you have narrowed your search to Braemar.

RCN is the New Cable & Internet Provider of Braemar & Dunbarton

It’s official.  Gatehouse Networks finalized a deal with RCN to buy out the cable and internet provider contract with Braemar and the active adult community of Dunbarton

Not all Braemar residents have cable and internet service as part of their HOA dues.  The only residents affected belong to the following sub-associations:  Tartan Hills Village, Tartan Hills Village East, Tartan Hills Village West and Highland Village.  Geographically, these are the Braemar sections built alongside Sudley Manor Drive.

Residents in these sub-associations of Braemar, and Dunbarton, have likely already seen the RCN advertisements running on cable, replacing the Dish Network ads that used to run by Gatehouse Networks.  Right now, this and a billing address change to anyone who has expanded service (movie channels, upgraded internet etc.) is all that has changed.  However, Braemar residents will soon have a new and improved channel lineup. 

The new mailing address for your RCN expanded service bill is: 

10000 Derekwood Lane, Lanham, MD 20706

Stay tuned for more information.