It’s Saturday. That Means It’s Moving Day.

Up and down the Linton Hall Corridor, every Saturday since Summer began, you see moving trucks and rental trucks in neighborhoods like Braemar, Kingsbrooke, Morris Farm and Victory Lakes…just to name a few.

Be the kind of neighbor you are hoping to get. Introduce yourself to your new neighbor. Maybe buy them a case of soda or water. What a great impression that would make.  At the very least, make sure you have each other’s contact information in the even that you need it one day.

If you want you want good neighbors, you have to start by being one. So if you see a movng truck on your street today, or any other Saturday, take a step in the neighborly direction and at least introduce yourself.

Morris Farm: A Surburban Gainesville, VA Surrounded by Rural Meadows

Gainesville, VA’s community of Morris Farm (a.k.a. Meadows at Morris Farm) began delivering homes in 2005.  As of the time of this post, builders are still delivering newly built home to Gainesville, VA buyers.  Buidlers in Morris Farm include Brookfield Homes, Craftmark Homes and Richmond American.

Morris Farm offers a variety of homes to fit just about any Gainesville home buyer.  There are large single family home, single family homes on the more modest size, and single family starter homes.  Townhouses are also something a Gainesville, VA buyer will find when they drive through Morris Farm.

One of the most pleasing concepts of the Morris Farm community is the forty-five acres of conservation area near Lake Manassas.  This is a conservation area for birds of all kinds.  You may even see deer or fox traipsing through the meadows as you sit in my favorite spot in Morris Farm: The Overlook.  Take in the dappled sunlight as you gaze out over a hundred year old oak tree.  Walk along the trail, provided to residents, that takes you alongside the conservation area.

And what better place to put a community pool!  The clubhouse and pool back to this large, peaceful tract of land.  The pool and its surroundings invite you to leave your troubles at the door and relax.  And if you can’t sit still, how about a game of shuffleboard?  For the kids, there’s a playground just in front of the clubhouse.

Morris Farm is in a convenient Gainesville, VA location, at the end of Rollins Ford Road, off of Linton Hall Road.  From here, it’s a quick drive up Linton Hall Road to many of the area’s shops and restaurants.  And the commute for eastbound workers is just as easy as you are about three miles from the intersection of Route 29 and Interstate 66 in Gainesville, VA.

If you’re looking for a suburban community, surrounded by the peace and quiet of rural meadows, it’s time to see Morris Farm.   You won’t be disappointed.