Bristow, VA:  Braemar’s Two Swimming Pools

One of the things that is impressive about Bristow, VA’s community of Braemar is the fact that it has two of many of its amenities, including two swimming pools.  When you consider the size of Braemar in terms of approximately 2,000 houses, it certainly makes sense.  However, there are other communities in Western Prince William County that rival Braemar in size, but not in the multiple amenities.

The first Braemar swimming pool is the at the corner of Braemar Parkway and Iona Sound Drive.  This is in the older, or first built, section of Braemar and is a much quieter surrounded by single family homes.  Since its physical address is on Iona Sound, this pool is often called the Iona Sound Pool.  The landscaping here is more mature, including the various tress that give shade to pool goers.  And the design of the pool is fairly standard, with only one water feature–a fountain at the shallow end of the pool.  There is even a gated, grassy picnic area for families that want to enjoy an lunch, dinner or snack at the pool.

The Iona Sound Pool is where the Braemar Blasters Swim Team practices and competes.  Easy enough to tell that by the starting blocks lined up with the swimming lanes.  For those who prefer to lounge in the pool, there is a whirlpool area just behind the starting blocks.  Here there is raised concrete that you can sit on and enjoy the circulating pool waters. 

Adult Swim also takes place at the Iona Sound pool.  This happens during pool season every Wednesday from 8p-10p. 

The second Braemar swimming pool is one block off of busy Sudley Manor Road, located on Rob Roy Way in the newer, or more recently built section of Braemar.  Thus, I refer to this location as the Rob Roy Pool.  The Rob Roy Pool is surrounded mostly by townhouses, though there are single family homes within sight and walking distance using Braemar Trail. 

This pool attracts the children of the community in droves thanks to it’s various water features like an overhead shower, pipe-like fountains and fountains that resemble primary colored mushrooms.  Another attraction to the Rob Roy Pool is that it is right next door to Clareybrook Park, a park catering to the children of the community ages 12 and under.  There is also a volleyball court nearby, as well as two tennis courts and two basketball courts.

Any resident of Braemar can attend either pool.  No address or location predetermines which pool you must attend, and that flexibility is nice.  Most days, the Rob Roy Pool is more crowded, though that is not always the case.  And each pool offers a Domino’s Pizza special if you order while at the pool. 

The availability of two swimming pools is just one more reason why Bristow, VA’s Braemar is such a popular community.

Braemar’s Adult Swim for the 2010 Season Starts June 23rd

Braemar’s Adult Swim for the 2010 Season Starts June 23rd

If you live in Bristow, VA’s  community of Braemar and love to swim in the pool without having to dodge games of Marco-Polo and otherwise rambunctious, splish-splashy kids. you are in luck.  Braemar’s adult swim begins tonight, June 23rd. 

Braemar’s Adult Swim is every Wednesday from 8p-10pm only at the Iona Sound pool.   There is no Adult Swim at the Rob Roy pool.

Adult Swim in Braemar is one of my favorite summertime features of the community.  The pool gets warmed by the sun all day and is rather comfortable when you arrive at 8pm.  You get to swim during dusk and sunset until the lights in the pool are all that is left to illuminate the dark.  It’s a totally different and calm environment, compared to the daytime mayhem, when you enjoy Braemar’s Adult Swim.

Even if you don’t want to swim, but just partake in a Braemar poolside Domino’s Pizza special at one of the umbrella covered tables, come enjoy the serenity of the Braemar poolside during Adult Swim.  It’s a great mid-week treat of relaxtion.