Who Can You Call to Repair Your Braemar Mailbox?

Who Can You Call to Repair Your Braemar Mailbox?

If I had been less frazzled after our wind storm on March 2nd (2018,) I probably would have thought to snap a couple photos of the Cleland Family mailbox damage.  Those photos would have started in the woods beside our home where the metal mailbox had landed.  Of course, when my husband first spotted it along the wood line, it was not the only metal mailbox that had been caught by that wood line.

The wooden support below the box, and newspaper slot below that, had started to rot over time.   And the mailbox had become disconnected, thanks in part to kids in the cul-de-sac who liked to smack it when they rode past on their bikes.  We had discovered the one side being loose when getting the mail, but since it was attached on the other side and didn’t seem to be under assault anymore, fixing it wasn’t a high priority.  Then the wind storm got up underneath there and took it for a ride.

The immediate fix was a bungee cord strapped around the box and connecting to itself under the newspaper box.  That hack would have made an interesting photo.  Once that repair was made, a call to Garrett Dismore at Mailbox Makeovers was not far behind.  They had repaired our mailbox a few years before when we had some wood rot issue.  Hey, two repairs in thirteen years isn’t bad.

When reaching to out for the second repair, I was delighted that Mailbox Makeovers was willing to give us a discount for being repeat customers.  Isn’t that thoughtful?  And within five days of that call, they were out on a Sunday afternoon putting our Humpty Dumpty like mailbox back together again.  They replaced the rotten wood and attached a brand new metal top.  Even had a sticker inside the metal box with their number to call if it needed repair again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to chat with them during the repair, but I had made arrangements for their payment and they had their marching orders.  When I got home I saw a mailbox that looked even better than the condition the builder had delivered it.  And Mailbox Makeovers had even carefully placed my bungee chord on my front porch.

If you need your Braemar mailbox repaired, and either don’t have the time or talent to do the work yourself, I can not say enough about Mailbox Makeovers.  The prices are reasonable and the work is quality.  And even better, they are Braemar residents and know the HOA stipulations for our mailboxes.  When they repair it, it won’t end up in a covenants violation.

Call Mailbox Makeovers at 703-348-7701 or email them at dismore@hotmail.com and schedule your Braemar mailbox repair.  

And as always, if you find yourself in the position to buy or sell a home in Braemar, that’s my area of expertise.  Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

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