Veterinarians Close to Braemar

Veterinarians Close to Braemar

As a pet parent, I know the importance of good veterinary care. Living in Braemar since 2005, I have become familiar with just about every veterinarian in the area, but not all. We are very familiar with some, not so much with others. We know specialists in internal medicine, cardiology and ophthalmology. The Cleland cats have their issues, especially as they are getting into their upper years, but have always been well taken care of thanks to our veterinarians.

CARING HANDS ANIMAL HOSPITAL: This is our go to veterinarian for check ups and the first stop for sickness. They are located in the Braemar Village Shopping Center to the left of Safewway. We have interacted with many vets over the years. From their reception, to the techs and the doctors, we have remained extremely satisfied with the quality of care our pets receive. 703-368-7300

OHANA VETERINARY CARE: While I have no personal experience with Ohana, based on the reviews they get from other residents in the area, if Caring Hands were not available, I would have no issue taking my pets to Ohana. They are located off of Bristow Center Drive, to the right of the Harris Teeter shopping center just before Route 28. 571-379-5812

ARTEMIS VETERINARY EMERGENCY & SPECIALTY SERVICES: I am so thankful that we have an emergency vet so close to our neighborhood of Braemar. Before Artemis existed we used to have to take our pets to Manassas or Leesburg. And because of a bad experience with Manassas AGES AGO, when they were under different ownership, we would go to Leesburg. Artemis a is great practice. Located off of Wellington Road behind the Murlarkey Distillery, it is super close. Make sure to call ahead if you are heading to them with something serious so they can prepare. 703-722-9159

MEDVET NORTHERN VIRGINIA: I am most familiar with MedVet and their internal medicine doctors. We have had three cats undergo treatment for cancer there. We have also been there for ophthalmology. They have emergency services as well. They are located off of Route 28, a few blocks east past the downtown center of Old Town Manassas. Their number is 703-361-8287. I have noticed, however, that this phone number doesn’t always work. The alternate I have is 703-361-0710.

PAWS FOR HOLISTIC PET CARE: Dr. Rebecca Verna is a one woman show and a good friend of mine. She used to own Healthy Paws in Haymarket, but decided to sell the practice and get into holistic pet care. We’ve had acupuncture and laser therapy appointments for our arthritic gal. We’ve also had her come and perform in-home euthanasia when our primary vet had shut down in-home visits due to the pandemic. If you are looking for alternative treatment, or a personal goodbye in your own home, Dr. Verna will come to you. Her house calls make her as close as can be, despite her physical location in Marshall. 703-395-0795

LAP OF LOVE: This is a house call hospice and end of life veterinary service. Having known one of the vets that left Caring Hands to join this practice, I can assure you that they among the most compassionate people around. If you need end of life care or in-home euthanasia, this is also an option. 703-870-5489.

I usually keep the phone numbers of veterinary practices saved in my phone, even the emergency vet. You don’t want to be fumbling for a number in the event of an emergency. Been there, done that and won’t do it again.

Here’s to the good health of our furry Braemar and Dunbarton residents.

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker-Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate