Braemar Patio Quarterly: April-June 2022 (2nd Quarter)

Patio Home in Braemar

Braemar Patio Quarterly: April-June 2022 (2nd Quarter)

July is a busy month for this Braemar Real Estate Agent. It is one of the months that my quarterly market reports, semi-annual market reports and my bi-monthly market reports are all due. Is there anyone holding me accountable for their due date? Yes. ME! Preparing and sharing Braemar real estate market reports is something I choose to do. It is a commitment I made in 2005 to stay on top of our neighborhood market and to keep my fellow Braemarians informed of it. That type of accountability is what makes me a top producing agent. And if I am this dedicated to my market reports, imagine how strongly I advocate for my clients.

Today’s market report is the Braemar Patio Quarterly. Patio homes in Braemar are the two level attached homes that are also known as quads. They are attached on the side and at the back and have a one car garage. Unlike traditional townhouses, they have no back yard, however, they do have side yards that be fenced in for privacy. What they have a lot of is storage space. They also have very generously sized bedrooms. Of the two floor plans offered by the builder, one of them offers a main level bedroom and full bathroom. What a great option for buyers looking to downsize and age in place, or a multi-generational family with an elder that can not handle stairs.

During the second quarter of 2022, there was only one Braemar Patio home that sold. One of those main level bedroom floor plans. The details of that sale are listed below.

What is great to see is that it sold for list price, gave no seller subsidy (closing cost assistance to the buyer) and was under contract in just over a week. Taking this second quarter 2022 sale and combining with all the Braemar Patio home sales that have happened since the third quarter of 2021, there is an entire year’s worth of sales from which I pull out updated six and twelve month data points. This is where we find our market trends.

Starting with the sold price column, having both the six month average and six month median values higher than their respective twelve month values is a good thing. However, there’s been a slight dip in the lift the six month values have over their twelve month values since last report. At worst, values have slipped a tad. At best, they are holding steady. We’ll know a lot more come October when the third quarter report is out. The steep increase in mortgage interest rates in the second quarter undoubtedly is playing a hand in what we are seeing. The most likely buyer for Braemar Patio home is a first time buyer. These are the buyers most affected by the squeeze of rising prices on one end and rising interest rates on the other. Another symptom of this is evident in the next column as well.

Seller subsidy is more commonly known as closing cost help to buyers. Going through 2020 and 2021, seller subsidy was more rare. Well, it is making a come back in some price ranges. Here in the Braemar Patio Quarterly we see that the six month average seller subsidy and the six month median seller subsidy are higher than they were last report. Significant amounts of closing cost help in both time frames are contributing to it. One sale out of three in the last six months, and three out of eight in the last twelve months gave seller subsidy. Still, more than half of Braemar Patio home sellers in both time frames gave none. Odds still favor not giving any, but the real estate market is not fueled by luck. First time buyers with those affordability problems are helped tremendously by seller subsidy when used toward interest rate buy downs. This may become something sellers offer if values continue to increase. There is only so much squeezing at both ends a first time buyer can take before they have to pull out of the buying market all together.

Days on market is still very fast. The six month average marketing time is faster than the twelve month average marketing time by three days. Meanwhile, the median values in both time frames are holding steady at five. Clearly, buyers are still outnumbering homes available and are gobbling them up when they hit the market. July and August tend to be slower times of the year, despite the common belief that the best time to put your home on the market is when school is out. That’s when families go on vacation! I point this out because our marketing times may increase due to this seasonal disconnect between buyers and sellers.

If you placed your Braemar Patio home on the market, priced to current conditions, you could expect it to be under contract in a week or so. You should also not be surprised if a buyer requests seller subsidy. You are likely to see a lot of traffic, but will be lucky to get two offers. Buyers are acting much more deliberately now. The days of the frenzied multiple offer scenarios are gone. Home inspection contingencies are back. And low appraisal guarantees have disappeared. The market is normalizing, but still favors sellers.

The same principles always apply, despite market conditions. Hire an agent that will give you the best preparation advice to make the home appeal to the broadest range of buyers. Make sure it is professionally marketed. Buyers don’t get excited by crooked, dark or blurry photos they see online. Relying on market conditions is not the way to the top of the market. Favorable first impressions are what drives buyer enthusiasm. Having an experienced, local agent that knows your value proposition in the market and can negotiate strongly for you is the second half of the equation.

The next Braemar Patio Quarterly will be out in October. Until then, if you want to investigate what a sale would mean for you before the end of the year, get in touch for your complementary consultation. Professional marketing of your home is essential in getting the absolute best terms the market will bear. I’ve been doing that for my Braemar sellers for a very long time. Since 2005, No One Knows Braemar Better!

Chris Ann Cleland 
Associate Broker, Licensed in VA
Long & Foster Real Estate