Braemar Residents: Get Ready for the Switch from Gatehouse Networks to RCN

If you are a resident of Braemar that receives basic cable and internet as part of your HOA dues, then you’ve probably received a letter from RCN telling you to order your new equipment.  Here are some points of clarification on what you need to know.

1.  Your HOA dues will not change as a result of this change from Gatehouse Networks to RCN.

2.  If you are currently accessing Gatehouse Networks cable TV directly by simply hooking up coaxial cable from your TV directly into the wall, you will no longer be able to do that.  All signals will need to go through a digital converter box.

3.  Each Braemar household will receive up to four standard digital converter boxes free.  If you would like an upgraded converter box, like the new TiVo Premiere, you will be charged for that box.

4.  Basic cable and internet will remain free of charge with the use of the four free standard converter boxes.  However, if you want additional channel line-ups, movie channels, etc, you will pay a premium by way of a separate monthly bill.

5.  This conversion to RCN is taking place on July 14th and converter boxes will be available at Marstellar Middle Schoold on July 12th to pick up IF you have called your order for converter boxes in ahead of time. 

Call RCN at 1-866-255-8181 to place your order for standard, or upgraded converter boxes as soon as possible to ensure you are ready for the switch to RCN.