Proposed Marsteller Walking Path Could Have Negative Impacts for Residents in Tartan Hills Village

Proposed Marsteller Walking Path Could Have Negative Impacts for Residents in Tartan Hills Village

Currently, homes in Tartan Hills Village located on the following streets have middle school students that take the bus service offered by Prince William County Public Schools:

Bonnykelly, Broadsword (house numbers 10075-10229), Dunnegan Head, Guildtown, Inchberry, Invergordon, Kirkmichael. Native Rocks, Score Bay, Tombreck and Whinneyford

The proposed Marsteller walking path, originating between the homes of 9959 and 9963 Broadsword Drive, is proposed by Tartan Hills Village West and has been pitched to the Prince William County School Board.  A study showed that the savings to the school system could be significant, so the County will eventually be holding a public hearing on the matter.  The trade off is that the kids on the streets listed above, are currently using the bus service.  Of course, if they chose to walk to school, they still could.  Once the proposed Marstellar walking path is installed, the bus option would be off the table.  Walking would be the only option.

Having just followed bus 293 that serves these streets, and more in our community, I noticed no fewer than 46 kids using that bus service.  In fairness, 10 of those children were exiting at the Broadsword & Peel Ring intersection.

Forcing children that are clearly comfortable with the bus service to walk to school is not exactly a great service to the community.  After all, if any of these children actually decided themselves to walk to Marsteller, nothing would be stopping them.  So what were are really proposing is taking 46 bus riders and making them, without choice, walkers.  Walking to school in the rain, wind, cold, snow and whatever other conditions may be present on school days.

As a representative of the Tartan Hills Board of Directors, who serves the home owners who would be losing bus service, I find this proposition to offer a shorter path to those that already walk, questionable to be posed as a benefit to all home owners of our affected home owners in THV HOA.  Forty-six to forty-eight bus riders will be forced to walk, or have their parents drive them to school.  Is this truly beneficial to the overall community?  I can foresee increased traffic when parents drive their kids to school when the bus service is lost, scheduling issues in individuals families who have lost that bus service and home owners at 9959 Broadsword and 9963 Broadsword not having any say about the parade of children past their homes every day.

Furthermore, while one association is pushing for this, they are asking all Tartan Hills associations to chip in to maintain the path.  Maintenance is currently an ambiguous issue.  Snow and trash removal come to mind immediately.  Landscaping along the path is another.  Mowing beside the path yet another.  I want to make it clear that Tartan Hills Village HOA has no ownership stake in the land on which the path would be built.   Our financial contribution would be strictly voluntary, if our homeowners approve of the matter. 

Let us know what you think of this proposed walking path off of Broadsword Drive to Marsteller school

As a Braemar resident, I look out for my fellow residents in the community through my service on the Tartan Hills Village HOA Board.  As a Braemar Real Estate Agent, I look out for our property values.  No one knows Braemar better!

Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker-Licensed in Virginia, Long & Foster REALTORS®


1 thought on “Proposed Marsteller Walking Path Could Have Negative Impacts for Residents in Tartan Hills Village

  1. I would like to know the current length of the bus ride these students take. Why are these students taking a bus to school at this time? Is their walk longer than 1 mile? I am a parent of a walker who lives in the Tartan Hills Village East and I want the path. Quite frankly, I don’t like my son crossing at the light to get to school. I encourage him to cross further up Tartan Hills near the round about where traffic isn’t so heavy. I have seen way too many near misses at the intersection with the light! Currently, I believe many students cut through the yard of the two houses you mention. Putting a path here would actually allow the community to provide clean-up for these residents and a paved path for the students who are already walking through these houses. BTW…there are many walkers who on a daily basis already face the cold, rainy weather without complaint and were not given the choice of a bus or not.

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